Sale of souvenirs and goods

We started producing dolomite souvenirs and consumer goods in 1994. Our workshop and office are located in Kuressaare.

All products are handmade on a lathe. No polishing liquids or waxes are used in the finishing of products that come into contact with food. High-quality finishing is achieved using water alone, by polishing the stone naturally. Thus, the products are 100% natural and their surface does not release chemical substances. A small amount of polishing waxes is used in the finishing of other products. Since the products are handmade, they are not identical. They are, however, very similar within one batch, preserving the uniqueness of the handicraft.

Presently, our selection includes approximately 80 different products. The core selection is made up of about 20 of the most popular products. When it comes to the core products, special emphasis is placed on unique products, made according to drawings developed in-house. There are two different approaches to creating new models: classical design on one side and modern design on the other.